Presentation Skills


Employability Skills Programme with video support




Try to become a good speaker, build up your confidence in facing different target audiences and break the fear in presentation delivery. Build up your confidence by learning and applying the different Techniques of Presentation in formal and informal situations.

For Whom?:

School Leavers, university students, professionals in different sectors, staff operating at middle & top management levels, Educators, Teachers, Lecturers, Interviewers, Speakers, Team leaders, etc.

To help learners to:

Deliver the best presentation with effective communication
  • Understand the Audience Profile and adjust the presentation to their expectations
  • Understand the structure and flow of an effective presentation before an audience which includes preparation/ planning, audience analysis, grooming, language slang/pronunciation, presentation tools, among others.
  • Make the proper use of appropriate Body Language and stress management techniques.
  • Use appropriate Visual Aids during delivery and adopt the correct time management.


Break the fear in presentation delivery, feel more confident and become the best speaker.