PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) - OUdp002



The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is a doctoral qualification that can be obtained as a result of successful research work within a wide range of subjects. The PhD course gives an opportunity to students to make a significant contribution to knowledge. The degree of Doctor of Philosophy is conferred in recognition of the student’s contribution of an original piece of research revealing high critical ability and powers of imagination and synthesis. The PhD degree cannot be completed successfully without dedication and commitment throughout the period of study. The PhD allows students to think independently and critically so that they can pursue research without any supervision. In order to deal with the vast amount of literature available, students have to follow a few courses together with their research-based thesis.
The PhD course aims at:
  • Empowering students so that they can significantly add to an existing body of knowledge;
  • Providing a thorough grounding in research methodology, methods and techniques;
  • Development of vital skills including critical thinking, conducting research independently, writing, synthesising, and analysing, that are necessary to produce an original research based thesis;
  • Preparation of a substantial and original thesis emanating from an in-depth investigation and analysis;
  • Empowering students to review current research critically, and understand emerging trends from an inter-disciplinary perspective