M.Sc. Finance and Investment - OUpm001


Objective and Rationale:

The M.Sc. in Finance and Investment has been developed to produce practical and proactive finance specialists able to meet the demand of the financial sector both locally and abroad with emphasis on their roles in and duties towards the financial community. 
It is a rigorous and advanced intellectual training in the area of finance and investment based on the most current and modern academic thinking and industry best practice. The programme is designed for learners who intend to pursue a career in the financial sector. It offers a well-focused education in the theories and methodologies that are utilised today for
valuation using financial tools from both the investors and institutional perspective. It also examines the complexities behind the decision making processes required at all levels. 

Programme Aims:

The aim of the programme is to impart the knowledge and skills that learners need for a successful career in finance or a related field. It provides learners with a comprehensive theoretical framework based on current and most recent theories. It develops expertise in the relevant empirical skills for learners toundertake analysis of problems encountered in real-life situations. On completing the programme, graduates should have a good understanding of the financial operations and environment, their place in the economy, and of the structure and behaviour of financial institutions in the market. Graduates should also be capable of understanding and applying of a wide variety of analytical techniques for finance and ability to understand some of the models and mathematical techniques used in financial markets. This programme for learners or professionals focuses on the areas of finance which have a major practical and theoretical interest such as: investment analysis, corporate and investment banking, mergers and acquisitions, derivatives and finance microstructure and taxation. 


Programme Requirements:

A Bachelor’s degree with at least second class from a recogniseduniversity or alternative qualifications, including professional qualifications, acceptable to the Open University of
Mauritius. Candidates must have a good mastery of English Language. Prior Learning and Prior Experiential Learning may be considered by the university for admission to this programme. Applicants may be asked to pass an entry test.