Departments at OU

Departments at OU

Quality Assurance

 Quality Assurance at the Open University


A Quality system is essential at the Open University as it puts the interest of the learners and the facilitation of learning at the center of its activities at every level, constantly improving the effectiveness and efficiency of these activities in every possible way.

A quality assurance programme at the level of the Open University addresses three main issues. Namely:

  • Setting of standards for product and service offered
  • Organisefor service and product delivery while meeting the set standards
  • Create confidence in the potential learner and existing learner that what is promised is being delivered.

OU being product and service oriented, the first step was to have a Quality Management System for the whole organization.TheISO 9001:2008 was set to address the fundamentals of a Quality Management System with emphasis on:

  • Learner focus,
  • Involvement of employees at all level of the organization,
  • Management commitment,
  • Managing resources and activities as a process,
  • Understanding and managing interrelated processes
  • Analysis of data especially from the point of view of learners and tutors
  • Continual Improvement of the University’s overall performance.

The Mauritius Standards Bureau was appointed to provide Audit Services for Assessment and Certification. Certification was granted on 2 July 2015.


Quality Assurance as Applied to Programme Development and Delivery

In order to address quality issues pertaining to the development, writing process, review mechanism, tutoring, of programmes development, the Quality Assurance Agency, Quality Code is being followed and the Quality indicators are being integrated in the Academic Affairs Quality objectives.

Quality improvement is an ongoing process. The Open University has a plan of action which addresses pertinent issues with a view to gathering to enhance the quality of service being offered.


V.S. Patten