Departments at OU

Departments at OU

Admission Office

Our Objectives

  • To ensure that accurate information about programmes/courses on offer are given to prospective learners to enable them to make informed choices.
  • To provide assistance for enrolment and registration to prospective learners.
  • To process all applications.
  • To provide registered learners with  OU ID Cards.
  • To provide full time registered learners with a bus pass.
  • To provide visa facilities for foreign learners.
  • To organise graduation ceremonies.
  • To issue certificates to successful learners.

Our Services

  • Processing of applications.
  • Processing of requests for exemptions.
  • Follow up on registration and payment  of fees for semester one.
  • Provision of ID cards to OU registered learners.
  • Provision of visa facilities for foreign learners.
  • Provision of bus pass to full time learners.
  • Making request for printing of certificates.
  • Issuing of certificates.
  • Keeping register regarding issue of certificates.
  • Organise Graduation Ceremonies.
  • Providing information to prospective learners.
  • Pre-enrolment Counselling.
  • Providing assistance to applicants having problems applying on line.