Departments at OU

Departments at OU

Academic Affairs Division

The Academic Affairs Division is pivotal in the design, development, management and delivery of our Open and Distance Learning programmes. We provide the following support structures to all our learners to ensure successful and meaningful learning experiences at the Open University:

  • development counselling
  • academic support/guidance
  • administrative support
  • individualised counselling
  • educational advice and guidance
  • study/writing skills sessions
  • monitoring of assignment traffic
  • facilitationg peer groups
  • individual coaching through comments and feedback on assignments
  • study centre facilities including computer and internet facilities and wifi
  • pastoral care


Our team consists of full time academics, administrative staff, and freelance part time authors and lecturers. We are also responsive to market needs and develop a range of customized courses/programmes for different profiles of learners.

In order to contribute meaningfully to the knowledge society, we also address Continuing Professional Development needs of Ministries and other Sectors upon request.

We also carry out training and advise on the implementation of Open and Distance Learning.

Lifelong learning remains at the heart of our mandate.