BSc (Hons) Management Top Up Programme - OUbs006



Management is one of the fields which is innovating rapidly, whereby employees, employers or those aspiring to join an organisation need to keep abreast of the basic concepts as well as the emerging issues. The BSc Hons Top up programme has been especially designed to empower learners with the necessary skills, knowledge and attitude to operate effectively and efficiently at higher levels. It reinforces and builds on concepts, tools and techniques studied in a Diploma programme. It enhances learners’ professional development and self-growth through up-to date knowledge acquisition and competences, which can be applied to the work environment.
The programme provides an opportunity to holders of a Diploma in Management for a deepened critical and theoretical study in Management. Learners will be equipped with a broad preparation in management that draws on a wide range of social science disciplines.
The programme is offered through open distance learning mode which is appealing to adult learners as well as employers as learners are able to commit to their varied tasks while upgrading their qualification and enhancing their career and promotion prospects.
The programme is run over a minimum period of 3 semesters or one and a half years. (maximum three years). On successful completion, learners earn a Bachelor degree with Honours in Management


This programme aims at inculcating learners with the knowledge and understanding of the core areas of management and also at promoting learner’s professional development, self growth and professionalism through up to date knowledge acquisition and competences which can be applied to the work environment. It allows learners to better understand the business environment of organizations and the increasing challenges facing them. 
This educational experience will hence facilitate and promote learners’ intellectual development and lifelong learning skills.

Programme Requirements:

Candidates must hold a Diploma (NQF Level 6) in Management or any related field. Learners must submit all relevant documents