BSc (Hons.) Management with Law - OUbs022



This degree combines essential elements from both two very different but increasingly interdependent disciplines, giving students an opportunity for both critical and theoretical study.
The combination of management and law will enable learners who do not wish to join the traditional legal profession, to work in any business sector where a demonstrated ability for logical reasoning is required. More than ever before, attaining successful management results requires careful attention to legal and regulatory issues, often on a global scale.
The Open University’s Management with Law programme provides the legal and analytical tools for results-oriented decision-making.

General Entry Requirements:

  • EITHER “credit” in at least three subjects at School Certificate or General Certificate of Education O-Level or equivalent and “Pass” in at least two subjects at Higher School Certificate or General Certificate of Education Advanced Level or equivalent (Pass in English/French and Mathematics is desirable);
  • OR an appropriate equivalent Diploma/Certificate/Foundation Courses approved by The Open University of Mauritius. 
  • Learners who do not qualify under options I and II may register for Foundation Courses offered by The Open University of Mauritius. Those who complete the Foundation Courses successfully will be eligible for registration for the relevant degree programmes. 
  • OR qualifications awarded by other universities and institutions, which have been approved by the Open University of Mauritius as satisfying the minimum requirements for admission. 
  • Mature candidates having a strong background of work experience and uncertified learning may be assessed for entry to programmes. Please consult the General Rules an Regulations of the Open University of Mauritius for further details