Body Language


Employability Skills Programme, supported by videos 



‘Your body talks’. Non-verbal signs and gestures add meaning to the words to make
communication effective and complete.
No. of video programmes: 4 (1 DVD)
Manual: 1 with exercises for practice
Language: English
Mode of learning: self-learning, Open Distance Learning (ODL)


This programme focuses on Body Language in general. It sheds light on what one understands about Body Language through non-verbal signs with a view to building an awareness of one’s own body language and movement, especially in a variety of communication situations.


To help students understand the importance of body language and appreciate its social implications and understand that appropriate body language can make a huge difference in the connection one makes when one interacts with others.



On watching the videos learners are expected to:
  • have a great set of skills to understand that what is not said is just as important as what is said.
  • have the ability to see and understand how their own body language is being seen and interpreted.
  • be able to adjust and improve the way they communicate through non-verbal communication.
  • put their knowledge of body language to test by successfully responding to realistic situations in everyday life, both at home, in public places and at work