BA (Hons) English - OUba015



This programme is designed for learners who wish to study as well as practice diverse aspects of English Language and Literature. The syllabus covers areas of current use
of English from communication, phonology, popular culture and media, translation, pedagogy, contemporary literature to diaspora studies. This multifaceted, practical and skills-based outlook on English provides the learner with varied outlets for career options both locally and worldwide. The innovative inclusion of foreign languages such as Spanish and German add value to professional prospects in tourism, BPOs, and diplomacy.

Programme Requirements:

2-A levels or equivalent. Work experience will be considered


Assessments will be based on written examination of 2 hour duration, continuous assessment carrying a maximum of 30 % of total marks and a dissertation of 12 000 to 15 000 words. Continuous assessment will be based on assignment(s). Each module will carry 100 marks. To pass any module the learner should score a minimum of continuous assessment and a minimum of 40 in the end of semester examination. Learners may re-sit up to a maximum of two failed modules for the semester of the programme.