B. Ed (Hons) Primary Education (Top-up) - OUbe019


Objective and Rationale:

The Bachelor of Education in Primary Education is a programme developed for a blended (both online and face-to-face tutoring) mode delivery by the Open University of Mauritius to build solid foundations for teaching and learning in primary schools. Primary teaching is becoming a more challenging and diverse career, which requires a range of personal, professional and academic qualities from educators to be able to practice effective teaching and active learning in the classroom. To succeed in teaching, educators must have an in-depth understanding of the complex processes of learning based on their professional engagement with theory, research and practice. This B Ed (Hons) Primary Education is a tailor-made degree programme which aims at helping primary educators in developing into professionally more equipped providers of knowledge, attitudes, aptitudes and skills to their pupils.
The programme also develops the capacities required by educators working in the information age. The educational demands of parents, the challenging behavior of pupils, the leadership practices of school heads, the perversity of the modern society and the disengagement of pupils and their parents in education are the contexts that have been analysed and taken into consideration in designing the programme. Health and Safety in schools, Life crisis in childhood, pupil discipline management, school leadership and management and research in education are some of the key modules that are integrated in the B Ed (Hons) Primary Education.

General Entry Requirements:

  • EITHER “Credit” in at least three subjects at School Certificate or General Certificate of Education O-Level or equivalent and “Pass” in at least two subjects at Higher School Certificate or General Certificate of Education Advanced Level or equivalent;
  • OR An appropriate equivalent Diploma/Certificate/Foundation Courses acceptable to the Open University of Mauritius. 
  • Learners who do not qualify under options I and II may register for Foundation Courses offered by The Open University of Mauritius. Those who complete the Foundation Courses successfully will be eligible for registration for the relevant degree programmes.
  • OR Qualifications awarded by other universities and institutions, which are acceptable to the Open University of Mauritius as satisfying the minimum requirements for admission.
  • Mature candidates having a strong background of work experience and uncertified learning may be assessed for entry to programmes through the Accreditation of Prior learning (APL) and the Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL). Please consult the General Rules and Regulations of the Open University of Mauritius for further details.