B. Ed (Hons) Early Childhood Education and Care - OUbe020


Objective and Rationale:

The Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education and Care is a programme developed for blended delivery by the Open University to build solid foundations for teaching and learning. Early Childhood is the foundation stage for the development of human beings. Early Childhood Education and Care has a significant lifelong impact on the physical, mental, emotional and cultural development of children.
According to the Strategy Plan 2008-2020, the Education Authorities in Mauritius are committed to ensuring that ALL children in the early childhood settings should have the opportunity to develop their individual, socio-emotional and psycho-motor skills to the best of their capacity in order to build the confidence and self-esteem in learning that will not only prepare them for the primary school, but more importantly lay the foundations for learning that will support them throughout their lifetime.
With a view to improving the quality of the teaching and learning environment, to foster research and development and enhance professional development for the general improvement of early childhood education, this programme will bridge the gap between practicum and theoretical insights. It will provide young aspiring educators in early childhood education and care and experienced practitioners access to university studies in Early Childhood Education and Care. It is also a response to the increasing need to have appropriately trained educators and to the increasing demand for professional development by practitioners and aspiring young educators in Early Childhood Education and Care. This programme will also allow the learners to share best teaching practices and knowledge in Mauritius and within the region through the use of technology and modern teaching media as well as the professional experience and development component which they will have to undergo throughout the programme for their own professional development and growth. The B.Ed in Early Childhood Education and Care adopts a multidisciplinary approach which thus provides the learners with the opportunity to reflect on the practical experience as they study and beyond during their teaching career. It is a tailor-made programme not only for prospective educators and practicing educators but also for supervisors, teaching assistants and directors of early childhood centres.

General Entry Requirements:

  • EITHER “Credit” in at least three subjects at School Certificate or General Certificate of Education O-Level or equivalent and “Pass” in at least two subjects at Higher School Certificate or General Certificate of Education Advanced Level or equivalent;
  • OR An appropriate equivalent Diploma/Certificate/Foundation Courses acceptable to the Open University of Mauritius. 
  • Learners who do not qualify under options I and II may register for Foundation Courses offered by The Open University of Mauritius. Those who complete the Foundation Courses successfully will be eligible for registration for the relevant degree programmes.
  • OR Qualifications awarded by other universities and institutions, which are acceptable to the Open University of Mauritius as satisfying the minimum requirements for admission.
  • Mature candidates having a strong background of work experience and uncertified learning may be assessed for entry to programmes through the Accreditation of Prior learning (APL) and the Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL). Please consult the General Rules and Regulations of the Open University of Mauritius for further details.